When it comes to casino gaming, it’s usually Roulette that epitomises the experience in the popular imagination. This is the magnificent ‘wheel of fortune’ that is the hub of social play in the world’s best casinos, and exudes that classy sophistication that makes you feel a million dollars even on a budget bankroll. Better yet, for all of its apparent complexity, it’s a superbly easy game to play and can offer some of the most attractive odds amongst the fixed odds games at not only real-world clubs but also online casinos such as those we recommend below for online Canadian players.

Rules of Roulette

For new players the layout of the Roulette table can seem quite daunting at first, but in practice roulette strategy is exceptionally simple to pick up and you’ll soon be wagering like you’ve been born to do it.

The Aim: No skill is necessary to play any Roulette game, and the aim is simply to predict the winning number or colour that will be the outcome of the next spin of the wheel.

The Roulette Wheel: The typical Roulette wheel is divided into 37 or 38 equal sectors, each numbered 1 to 36 in non-consecutive order with with a single zero or single and double zero accounting for the other sectors. Eighteen of the non-zero numbers are set on black backgrounds, the other eighteen on red backgrounds, with the zero(s) typically shown on green.

Betting: Roulette allows players to bet in many different ways ahead of the Roulette wheel being spun to reveal the result of that game. More detail is given below of the common bet types, but making a bet is as simple as placing chips to indicate the size of bet you want to make on the layout to indicate the type of bet you want to stake that money on.

Bet Limits: Players can place multiple bets on each game of casino Roulette, but each bet type will have a prescribed bet limit set by the casino you’re playing.

The Result: Once betting is complete, the Roulette wheel is spun, a ball introduced to the wheel and wherever it settles by the end of the spin indicates the winning number and colour for that game. All winning bets are then paid out at the advertised odds.

Practice Your Skills

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Roulette Bets, Odds and House Edge

Bet Type Description Pays
Colour Bet Bet on outcome to be Red or Black. Green is not offered as an option 1/1
Even / Odd Bet on outcome to be an Odd or Even number 1/1
Low / High Bet that outcome will be either 1-18 or 19-36 1/1
Dozen Bet that outcome will be either 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36 2/1
Column Bet that outcome will be a number contained in the first, second or third column on the table layout. 2/1
Line Bet Bet that outcome will be one of six consecutive numbers – chip is placed on the intersecting line between the two rows of three numbers the player wants to bet on. 5/1
Five Bet Only available on games with a Double Zero – bet on 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3 to win. 6/1
Corner Bet Bet that outcome is any four adjoining numbers in a block – chip is placed on the intersection of the four numbers on the layout. 8/1
Street Bet Bet that outcome will be one of three consecutive numbers – chip is placed on the edge of the row containing the three numbers the player wants to bet on. 11/1
Split Bet Bet that outcome will be one of two adjacent numbers on the layout – chip is placed on the edge separating the two numbers bet on. 17/1
Row Bet Only available on games with a Double Zero – bet on 0 or 00 to win. 17/1
Single Number Bet on outcome to be a single number (including bets on zero, or double zero if present) 35/1

A Uniform House Edge: Another attractive feature of all casino Roulette games is that the house edge remains the same whichever bet you make. This contrasts with other multi-way betting table games such as Sic Bo, where some bet types offer more favorable odds than others.

A Very Competitive House Edge: As discussed below, the common variations of Roulette offer different house edges but all have a house edge of lower than 5.5%, which equates to an RTP figure of more than 94.5%. For comparison most online slots tend to have an RTP figure between 90 to 95% making Roulette not only competitive, but very often more favourable to players. Blackjack is more competitive still, but does require knowing some skilful strategy that makes it less easy to learn than Roulette.

Top 5 playing tips

Avoid American Roulette: This is not simply some Canadian prejudice! As we’ll explain later, the double-zero added to the wheel in this version of Roulette does not favour the player, so give it a miss where you can.

Play Free Roulette: To really get the hang of this game if you’ve never played before, take advantage of the free Roulette you can play at the best online casinos. All the online Roulette games offered will have a ‘fun play’ or ‘demo mode’ that will let you experience the game and get familiar with how to bet. Free Roulette is the ultimate way to get comfortable with this classic game before you start playing for real money.

Good Money Management: Roulette is popular for good reason. It’s very compelling, so make sure you keep track of what you’ve spent and what you’ve won. Only play with what you can genuinely afford, and always end a session at the table if you’ve reached that limit.

Bet Choice: Roulette offers a nice way to choose the volatility of your bets. If you like to win often, choose the lower paying bets as they are more likely to payout on the next spin of the wheel. Like the thrill of bigger single wins? Then go towards single number bets, but be prepared for a more rollercoaster ride.

Roulette Strategy: This topic is covered in more detail elsewhere on this site, but the idea of being able to apply roulette strategy to improve your chances of beating the house is best forgotten. The theoretical strategies that could possibly advantage a player have been well known to casinos for years, and so the game has legitimate rules – for example bet limits – that foil them.

Roulette variations

The most common roulette’s casino players are offered are:

European Roulette: – This is by far the most popular version to be found at the best online casinos. This game features the single zero wheel and offers players a low house edge of 2.70% across all bet types.

American Roulette: – This game adds the double-zero to the traditional European game. It may seem to add the potential for some alternative bets, but the mathematical downside is that this simple roulette strategy addition increases the house edge to 5.26% which is less favourable to the players.

French Roulette: – This is essentially a variation of European Roulette that adds additional bet selections to the layout on an area sometimes called the ‘Racetrack’ because of its design. This allows bets on clusters of numbers called Voisins, Orphelins and Tiers. French Roulette as found at our recommended casinos retains the house edge of 2.70% across all bets.


The elegance, simplicity and dynamic play of Roulette all add up to a cocktail of casino entertainment that’s hard to beat, especially for new players looking for an easy way to have some authentic casino fun. The phenomenal success of online Roulette further underlines the magnetic appeal of this game for many players, and the rise in popularity of Live Dealer casino software can only enhance the experience of playing ‘the wheel’ on your desktop or mobile. All our recommended casinos have excellent online Roulette games (and allow free Roulette sessions to try them out) so if you’ve always fancied chucking some chips down on this classic table game you’re just a click away from getting in a proper spin.

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