About Us

We established online-casinos.ca in 2016 through personal frustration in finding sites with decent information for Canadian players. Sure, there were sites online that claimed to offer reviews of the ‘best online casinos’ and the ‘best online casino bonuses’, but we often found the content dull and – worse – plain wrong! We thought we could do better, since (a) we’re real Canadian players hungry to play great games at reliable casinos, and (b) collectively we have the marketing, web and design skills to put our experience into practical online reviews and advice.

We aim to bring a little sparkle to our reviews, making them not only informative but also fun to read too. We’d also love to hear your views as we know online casino gaming can be quite a personal thing, so embrace hearing other players’ perspectives on what does and doesn’t float their boat!

So what’s the catch? There is none. All our information is free and will remain that way. We’re also open about how we fund this site. We operate under affiliate marketing programmes with those casinos that we choose to recommend, but here’s the thing – we know that there’s only real value in this arrangement if we choose to recommend online casinos that we genuinely believe in and would play with our own money. If we give you dud advice, you won’t get the results you’re after and nor will we. A reputation for sound and entertaining advice is the engine room of our business, so we won’t compromise on that since – put simply – what’s good for you is good for us.

Thanks for choosing casinos-online.ca as your trusted guide to the best in online casino gaming, and we look forward to keeping you ‘in the loop’ in the coming years.

Our team

JohnJohn Fisher: Although originally from the UK, John’s family moved to Canada in the 1980s for a better lifestyle (though not necessarily better weather!) Now resident in Montreal, John originally trained as a lawyer but found he was more distracted by the fun to be had on the Internet so moved into web design and online marketing. A lifelong love of card and dice games fuelled his interest in online casino gaming, and with it an understanding of the need for reliable player information in a sea of marketing hype and ill-informed opinion. Rather than whine about the lack of decent review sites, especially ones dedicated to expectations of Canadian players, he decided to put his money where his mouth is and launch casinos-online.ca.

John is our editor-in-chief, which gives him good reason to have ‘The Boss’ written on his coffee mug and indulge his passion for online casino gaming­ – and blackjack in particular – in the name of ‘research’.



KellyKelly Fisher: It is said that you should never work with friends and family, however Kelly has decided to take that challenge by working here alongside her husband John. Originally meeting whilst working together at an online marketing company, Kelly’s organisational skills, deft chops with HTML coding and love of all slot-based gaming made her the ideal partner for John in realising his ambition to get casinos-online.ca on the map!

Kelly’s love affair with slot gaming started in her twenties whilst in Edmonton, and she now is the proud owner of a vintage Bally machine. She’s also a bit of a Game of Thrones fan, so was ecstatic when Microgaming did the decent thing and brought out its Game of Thrones slot last year.




BillieBillie Radic: Graphic design is Billie’s day job, with projects over the years including freelance work on several online casino sites and game designs, and her keen eye for detail is a major asset when it comes to helping us keep our site fresh and up-to-date. Billie also loves a good deal, so has become indispensible in bounty hunting the best bonus promotions for our readers (and help maximise her own bankroll when she hits her favourite online roulette tables.)

Away from the world of online casino gaming, Billie likes to relax by cooking Japanese food, making mad noises on her Moog synth and taking her Dachshund, Ralf, for long walks . . . well, short walks actually. Ralf’s only got little legs.

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